e-Beach Wagon


You can reserve your wagon now by clicking the
"Pre-order" button below to make a $1,000 deposit. The remaining balance will be invoiced when your wagon is ready to ship (by May of 2022). The remaining balance will include assembly and taxes (if applicable), and the unpaid balance of the wagon. Shipping is FREE in the United States (not including Alaska or Hawaii)! Coupon codes can be input on the next screen and the discount will be applied to the final amount due.

There are two assembly options. Don't worry, you can change your mind later when the final invoice is sent, prior to shipping.

  • 1. Partially Assembled - Shipped in a flat packed box via FedEx, UPS, or USPS, and requires some assembly. There will be no additional charge for this option.
  • 2. Fully Assembled - Shipped fully assembled via a freight company (TBD) on a pallet. There will be an additional $100 assembly fee for this option.

Wagon base color is royal blue. Tires are shown in the photos as black but the actual color will be gray. Railing color is a light wood tone. Colors are not customizable at this time.

Preorders will ship in the order reservations are received. We will communicate status updates to you periodically until your wagon is ready to ship. Prior to shipping your wagon, we will send you the final invoice for payment. Once payment is received, your wagon will ship. You may cancel your preorder at any time. In doing so though, you will lose your place in line and will be charged for the credit card processing fee. Preorders are anticipated to ship by May of 2022.