e-Beach Wagon

choose your wheels

YONK: (No extra cost)
Standard 12.5" low-pressure balloon wheel

Wheeleez: (+$250)
Premium 11.8" low-presure balloon wheel

YONK vs. Wheeleez wheels?

  1. Materials: Wheeleez wheels are made from a softer material compared to YONK. This softer material gives Wheeleez better traction on surfaces like asphalt and concrete, particularly when the weight in the wagon is minimal. Wheeleez also excels in handling tight turns better such as switchback ramps. If your trek is straightforward and not a lot of sharp turns, the YONK wheels will serve you well. 
  2. Warranty: Wheeleez offers a 6-month manufacturer warranty, while YONK does not provide any warranty coverage.
  3. Serviceability: Wheeleez wheels can be repaired if punctured; YONK wheels cannot be repaired.

Wagons are in stock! Processing takes 3-5 business days. Shipping takes an additional 3-5 business days, depending on your location.

Shipping prices through the online checkout are estimated based on a residential delivery requiring liftgate service. Some locations may cost more than estimated. If the difference is significant, we will contact you to discuss your options. 

Contact us to SAVE $. You can save with these options:

  • Cash Discount: Save $75 by paying with cash or check. If by check, we'll wait for the check to clear before shipping your wagon.
  • Free Shipping and No Tax: Pick up at our warehouse in New Castle, Delaware. You must have an appointment. To schedule an appointment, call (855) 392-4667. Pick ups are scheduled on Friday mornings from 8 AM -12 PM.
  • South New Jersey Shipping Discount: Shipping as low as $50 in Cape May County, New Jersey and surrounding areas.
  • Reduced Shipping Price: Pick it up an LTL carrier’s closest distribution center. You will need an SUV, pickup truck, or van to fit the package in your vehicle.
  • Reduced Shipping Price: Have the wagon shipped to a commercial location with a loading dock or fork lift.

Expedited Shipping: Pay a little more to have your shipment expedited. Expedited shipments are given high priority by the LTL companies and arrive sooner than standard shipments. 

e-Beach Wagon is an electric motorized rechargeable 2'x4' multi-terrain cart. It travels at a variable speed, controlled by a throttle and steered by a handgrip. The wagon can carry 300 pounds of gear to the beach and back, all while charging your phone and electronic devices. Simply turn the key, hold the handle to steer, and press the thumb throttle while the wagon propels itself over the dunes and through the thick sand to get you where you want to go.

⚡  Powder-coated aluminum frame and railings
⚡  12" low-pressure polyurethane balloon tires
⚡  Two 12-volt sealed lead-acid batteries
⚡  Key on & off switch with ignition cover and a set of 2 keys
⚡  Wagon charging port with wall charger
⚡  2 USB charging ports
⚡  Voltmeter on the control panel
⚡  Handgrip with thumb throttle
⚡  Forward / reverse / neutral switch
⚡  Neutral switch for manual pulling
⚡  Depressed railings for carrying long cargo
⚡  Weather-resistant enclosed electrical and mechanical compartment
⚡  Removable tall side railings (slats are weather-resistant paulownia wood)
⚡  8 built-in pole holders to mount flags, umbrellas, or fishing rods
⚡  Removable plastic wagon bed
⚡  Detachable handlebar for easy storage and transportation
⚡  1-Year Warranty

Colors are not customizable at this time. The wagon's base color is royal blue. The tires are gray with black rims. The railing color is a light wood tone. 

Why do electric beach wagons cost so much?

Why purchase from us?

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  • Base is royal blue
  • Tires are gray with black rims
  • Slats are a light wood tone


  • Powder coated aluminum frame and railings
  • Powder coated steel components
  • Plastic wagon bed
  • Clear coated paulownia wood slats


  • 130 lbs without railings
  • 150 lbs with railings


  • YONK 12” low pressure polyurethane balloon tires


  • Brushless
  • 24 volts DC
  • P500 watts
  • 10-20 Nm torque
  • 24 volts, 500 watts controller


  • 3.5 mph


  • Two 12-volt sealed lead acid (SLA)
  • 22 amp hours


  • 52.5" long x 29.5" wide x 22.5" tall
  • Weight = 175lbs



Ask a Question
  • Can this wagon be used for sporting events? Can you transport in an SUV

    Yes, the wagon is perfect for sporting events. It's a multi terrain wagon, so it works on almost any terrain. And yes, it can fit in an SUV. Check out this video to see how to load it: https://youtu.be/bgq7LVJmXxs

  • Does this wagon fold up for transport?

    The railings and handlebar are removable, but the frame does not fold up. There are hitch carriers that can carry the wagon if you have a hitch receiver on your vehicle. Check out this video to see how to transport the wagon: https://youtu.be/bgq7LVJmXxs?si=HNPCLnTba_T4jfu_

  • Are there any Black Friday deals

    Yes, we are announcing our Black Friday sale shortly, which is $300 off a wagon purchase. The discount code is EBW2023BF and is available now for use through 12/17/23.