e-Beach Wagon Gearing Up to Launch Electric Wagon

August 08, 2021 2 min read


e-Beach Wagon announced today that it will soon be launching its exclusive, electric beach wagon to the public. The motorized e-Beach Wagon is the inspiration of Mike Mogan, who often struggled with packing and unloading the family gear for special beach days. There was not enough room for their baby, gear and everything else needed for the day.ย 

โ€œWeโ€™re currently in the sourcing stage with crowdfunding and manufacturer selection. Once the manufacturer is identified, weโ€™ll then launch funding campaigns on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo, as well as open preorders on our website,โ€ stated Mogan. โ€œTo modify our original design and assist with vendor selection and production, Gembah was hired in November 2020 as the product development and design company. They enlisted Spline Design as the company to fine tune the mechanical, electrical, structural and industrial engineering design.โ€

e-Beach Wagon is great for family beach excursions

Moganโ€™s wife and CMO, Tara Mogan, explained why e-Beach Wagon is the best beach wagon on the market. โ€œPeople want an easy and effortless way to transport their gear to the beach. e-Beach Wagon is that solution! On a hot, humid day, you simply load your beach necessities (including the children) and press the throttle to go. No more sweating, cursing or extra workout needed to get the wagon to the beach. The market is currently dominated by manual push and pull carts. While these wagons serve a purpose, if youโ€™re a regular beachgoer and intend to spend the entire day on the beach, you need something more heavy duty that can accommodate large objects such as coolers, tents, umbrellas, chairs, etc. Our wagon can carry all of this, plus more, in one trip.โ€

e-Beach Wagon is a self-propelled vehicle that can transport over 300 pounds of gear to the beach and back. The wagon is 2' x 4' and travels at a variable walking speed. Itโ€™s controlled by a throttle and steered by a hand grip. Users can charge cell phones, speakers, laptops, tablets, blenders, fans or any other electric-powered device with the dual USB charger. The wagon is perfect for families, seniors, fishing enthusiasts, groups and anyone needing an automated utility carrier.

e-Beach has built-in features including pole holders

The wagonโ€™s โ€œbedโ€ is made of plastic and is removable for easy cleaning. The batteries and everything mechanical and electrical are enclosed inside a weatherproof compartment to prevent sand, water and wind from damaging the components. The side railings are removable to make loading and unloading easier. Eight pole holders are included on the wagon to house umbrellas, flags and fishing rods. There are two 12-volt batteries connected to provide 24 volts of power. โ€œThe wagon was built with all the features to make life easier at the beach or anywhere outdoors,โ€ said Mike Mogan.

e-Beach Wagon has removable tall railings and a plastic wagon bed

He added, โ€œTaking multiple trips across uneven terrain and sand to manually carry supplies is a sweaty and exhausting trip that no one wants to do on a fun-filled day outside. e-Beach Wagon is our solution to ensure all families, beachgoers and fishing and outdoor enthusiasts have the transport experience they expect and deserve! e-Beach Wagon is built to do all your heavy lifting and pulling. Hold onto the hand grip, hit the throttle and it will follow you.โ€