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September 26, 2022 3 min read

Family set up on beach with e-Beach Wagon


By Jane Gober

I hesitated when I was first approached about writing a blog post about e-Beach Wagon in Cape May. As you may know, as part of my goal of giving back a little, I write complimentary posts for small businesses and new authors/artists. Just a few examples are: Bayshore Design StudioCape May Beach Reads (featuring author Laura Quinn) and Tale of Two Oysters. Helping the local community is part of the reason I do this. All of these are things my family enjoys and appreciates. e-Beach Wagon is quite simply an electric motorized beach cart capable of traveling over uneven terrain and carrying over 300 lbs of gear. 

My hesitation came from the fact that our family is in a stage of life where we don’t really need to use this. We’re past the time in our lives when we felt like we were mounting an expedition just to go to the beach. You know what I mean—the chairs, umbrella, tent, cooler, pack and play, sand toys, boogie boards… I could go on. Our kids are older and more apt to just grab a towel and some sunscreen. Grandkids are down the road (we hope but not too soon), and we will mentally deal with that when the time comes. However, it hit me that my blog posts are not about me they are all about helping you my readers make wonderful Cape May memories and having their best vacation or visits. So here we go—let me tell you about e-Beach Wagon.

e-Beach Wagon has tall removable railings

I kind of think of the e-Beach Wagon a bit like the golf cart of beach wagons. This is probably the ultimate in beach carts and one that will make anyone the envy of the beach. No more pulling an overflowing cart across hot sand or over uneven terrain. There are many convenient features that come standard here are just a few:

  • 8 built in (two on each corner) umbrella, flagpole, or fishing rod holders—no more screwing, screwing, screwing the umbrella into the sand only to have the wind try to carry it away.
  • Dual USB phone and electronics charger and battery indicator—how convenient is it to be able to charge your stuff on the beach.
  • 12” low-pressure balloon tires—they are excellent on sand, but also great on mud, turf, gravel, and concrete.
  • Removable tall railings—the wagon can be used as a seated bench or table when you get to your destination.

In speaking with one of the owners, Mike Mogan, he said that he started this journey because of his own frustration with family trips to Higbee Beach. Dragging all the gear through 200 yards of thick sands was more than he wanted to handle. What was supposed to be a relaxing and joyful experience, was actually extremely frustrating and full of angst! As their family grew, so did his determination to find a better way. He did a considerable amount of research and realized that what he wanted just wasn’t out there.  So, he developed it!

e-Beach Wagon has depressed railings for holding wide items such as surfboards

Mike said that many of his customers are folks who own a home at the beach. It is an investment. If you are going to the beach several times a week during the beach season, it can really make sense. Especially, if you have a bit of a trek to the beach. At 150 lbs, this is a cart that isn’t one you can just throw in the back of just any car. However, it can easily be transported in a van, SUV or truck, especially with the removable sides off. There are rental options as well, for those who want to try before they buy or for those visiting.

This beach wagon has already gotten a ton of amazing press

They have been featured on:

  • ABC News- FYI Philly
  • FOX 29 News
  • WMMR
  • Delco Times
  • Patch
  • And more!

Of course, I get it, the e-Beach Wagon is absolutely not for everyone. Again, I know it is an investment and out of the reach for many. My post of beach essentials has several really inexpensive options. However, if you’re considering purchasing a substantial work horse of a beach cart that’ll make that trudge to the beach almost effortless (that might be a bit of an exaggeration) then I invite you to check it out.

I hope I have given you a little food for thought on the subject of luxury beach carts. Let me know what you think!

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