The Labor-Saving e-Beach Wagon Was Invented by a Delco Guy

July 16, 2022 1 min read


Families can now use a motorized beach cart, the e-Beach Wagon, to do the heavy lifting when carting their belongings to the beach, writes Greta Phillips for 6abc.

Delco native Mike Mogan is the inventor of the e-Beach Wagon.

Mogan got the idea for the cart because he wanted his family beach time with his wife and two young children to be less stressful.

e-Beach Wagon’s electric motor lets it travel at six miles per hour and it can carry up to 300 pounds. It moves over the sand on low-pressure balloon tires.

Removable railings make loading and unloading easy.

There are dual USB ports so you can charge your devices while temporarily off the grid.

Plus there are four tubes on its aluminum frame to place your umbrella, flagpole or fishing rods.

Mogan points out the e-Beach Wagon can also be used for yard work, transporting children and other tasks around the house.

Mike got his inventing abilities from his father and grew up tinkering around the house.

Now he’s an engineer, on a mission to make life a little easier.

“Work smarter, not harder. I love to think about new ideas and invent things,” says Mike.

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