Get to Know e-Beach Wagon

May 11, 2022 2 min read

By Eddie Caufield | Eddie Knows West Chester

EKWC covers it all!! We connected with Mike, owner, inventor, and founder of e-Beach Wagon, a high-end electric-powered rechargeable 2'x4' multi-terrain cart...designed and created to make your life easier! We met at West Goshen Park to see e-Beach Wagon in action on the sand at the volleyball court. This piece of equipment is like nothing you've ever seen before.

It was just a mere idea years ago, and then through a lot of hard work, determination, and development, e-Beach Wagon came to life! Mike has always been interested in creating "contraptions" since he was just a little guy. Mike's dad & him would tinker with things in the garage, his dad teaching him how to use all his tools. It started with designing the best Pinewood derby cars for Boy Scouts. That was the start of Mike's love for creating and inventing! Mike then went on to study civil engineering in college.

After designing highways for over 20 years, he finally decided to put all his energy into his invention! Allowing him to do what he loves best - using his creative mind to invent products that enable people to live life more efficiently.

As many of you have experienced, the trip to the beach is a project in itself. That's how e-Beach Wagon came to life. After Mike & his wife spent more time getting ready for the beach than actual time on the beach... his mind went to work.

He partnered with a product development firm, Gembah, and had them fine-tune his prototype.

It has an aluminum frame, electric-powered motor, low-pressure balloon wheels, is weather-resistant, & is operated by a handgrip throttle, easy to use, is rechargeable & outfitted with several premium features.. built-in holders for umbrellas, fishing rods, flagpoles, removable side rails & bed for easy cleaning & dual USB charging ports.

There are so many ways to use e-Beach Wagon... on the beach, on camping trips, at sporting events, or even at a neighborhood block party... how convenient!

Check out their website and place your order…summer is not too far away, and don't forget to tell Mike Eddie sent me. 

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