Motorized Cart for Beachgoers Mastermind Is Philly Area Man

July 29, 2022 2 min read

Mike Mogan, a southeastern PA native, is the inventor behind the e-Beach Wagon, a patent pending electric motorized cart.

The e-Beach Wagon was invented by a southeastern Pennsylvania man who wanted to make traveling to and from the beach easier for families. (Photo Courtesy of Tara Mogan )

PENNSYLVANIA — A native of the Greater Philadelphia region is making some headlines for a patented device he created designed to help make things easier for families trekking the kiddos to and from the beach.

Michael Mogan, a Delaware County native who now resides in Chester County, is the brain behind the e-Beach Wagon, an electric multi-terrain cart that is being hailed as a worthwhile addition to family shore trips.

Mogan's invention has been the subject of various local news reports in recent time.

"Taking multiple trips across elevated dunes to manually carry supplies is a sweaty and exhausting trip that no one wants to experience on a fun-filled beach day. e-Beach Wagon is our solution to ensure all families, beachgoers, and fishing & outdoor enthusiasts have the transport experience they expect and deserve!" reads a description about the product on the e-Beach Wagon website.

Mogan says that while many beach carts require manual labor in order to get the cart to that comfy spot on the sand, his invention is motorized, and merely requires the use of a small thumb throttle, in order to move the cart to its desired spot.

"All you have to do is hold onto the handgrip, hit the throttle, and walk in front of it towards your perfect location!" reads the product description.

Patch caught up briefly this week with Mogan, who turns 44 this year, to chat about his invention.

"There's a ton of interest," he said by phone. "People love the product, they want the product."

The wagon can hold up to 300 pounds, it has USB ports to charge devices on the go, and it can travel around six miles per hour.

Mogan has said that much of his interest in product design stemmed from his building various contraptions inside his family's garage as a youngster.

By day, he works as a civil engineer.

His LinkedIn page shows that he has over 20 years' experience with highway design and project management, and that he has worked on major projects for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and others.

Mogan told Patch that the e-Beach Wagon is patented, and he is just waiting for the U.S. government to finish its review before issuing the design patent.

So far, the response to the product has been great, said Mogan, who has lived in West Chester since 2008 with his wife, Tara.

"It's not for everybody, but everybody loves the idea," he said jokingly, pointing to the $2,400 price tag.

The item is, indeed, expensive, he conceded, but it's also made much better than some similar products found at places like Amazon.

Visit here to learn more about the e-Beach Wagon.

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