Rain Maker’s Roundup with Mike Mogan

July 04, 2022 1 min read

RVN Television
Season 2 | Episode 17 


Rain Maker’s Roundup host, Mark Iorio, takes a look at the financial side of business and how to maximize your money. Mark not only talks to the “money guys” but discusses the overall impact of a well-run business. Today Mark sits down with his guest Mike Mogan, CEO and Owner of e-Beach Wagon!

e-Beach Wagon is an electric-powered rechargeable 2'x4' multi-terrain beach cart. It travels at variable speed, controlled by a throttle and steered by a handgrip. The wagon can carry over 300 lbs. of gear to the beach and back, all while charging your phone and electronic devices.

"Never give up on your dreams and aspirations! Imagine conceiving an idea, watching it go through the design and product development, and eventually selling and marketing the product! Follow , and the e-Beach Wagon success story! And wow, what a story!" states Mark Iorio.

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