Trend Hunter Rates e-Beach Wagon

February 23, 2023 1 min read

Motorized Electric Off-Road Wagons

The e-Beach Wagon Has a Safe, Variable Speed

Trend Hunter Rating 9.5/10

By Michael Hemsworth

The e-Beach Wagon is a motorized take on the piece of beach equipment that's perfect for day trip enthusiasts to help them carry all of their essentials with them wherever they go.

The wagon features a rugged set of tires for powering through almost any terrain and is rated to support up to 300-pounds of gear at once. The unit reaches a top speed of 3.5mph and can be easily controlled and steered with the built-in hand grip.

The e-Beach Wagon has a set of high railings that can be easily removed, while the plastic wagon bed can also be removed. The unit can act as a base camp when setting up on a beach thanks to a built-in umbrella holder.

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Trend Hunter rates e-Beach Wagon
e-Beach Wagon has an aluminum frame and base