Electric Beach Wagons in Sea Girt, NJ

Electric Beach Wagons in Sea Girt NJLooking for a fun and different way to travel about Sea Girt, New Jersey? Take a look at e-Beach Wagon! These electric-powered rechargeable 2'x4' carts are ideal for transporting all your beach gear (up to 300 pounds) all while charging electronics throughout the day. e-Beach Wagon is excellent for the beach, shopping trips, or any outdoor excursion. They move up to 3.5 miles per hour and have a long-lasting charge. Make your summer more enjoyable by purchasing an e-Beach Wagon today.

Say goodbye to the days of manually pushing a packed stroller in the heat or making round trips to get all your beach stuff to the shore. Beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers, tent frames, and other items can be stored in your electric motorized e-Beach Wagon. Stay connected all day with the dual USB charger. e-Beach Wagon will make your summer stress-free and more enjoyable! Place your order now.

Sea Girt, NJ Motorized Beach Carts

Sea Girt, New Jersey, is a lovely seaside town ideal for family vacations. The sand is white and fluffy, the beach is broad, and the boardwalk is impeccably landscaped. Fishing, swimming, sunbathing, and hiking are just a few things that will keep your family entertained. Check out incredible panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean from the Sea Girt Lighthouse and turn back time with a visit to the Intelligent Whale.

A motorized beach cart is a perfect companion for a summer vacation in Sea Girt, NJ. With an electric-powered wagon, you can effortlessly move all of your beach stuff, including umbrellas, chairs, coolers, and more.


⚡ Powder-coated aluminum frame and railings
⚡ 12" low-pressure polyurethane balloon tires
⚡ Two 12-volt sealed lead-acid batteries
⚡ Key on & off switch with ignition cover and a set of 2 keys
⚡ Wagon charging port with wall charger
⚡ 2 USB charging ports
⚡ Voltmeter on the control panel
⚡ Handgrip with thumb throttle
⚡ Forward / reverse / neutral switch
⚡ Neutral switch for manual pulling
⚡ Depressed railings for carrying long cargo
⚡ Weather-resistant enclosed electrical and mechanical compartment
⚡ Removable tall side railings (slats are weather-resistant paulownia wood)
⚡ 8 built-in pole holders to mount flags, umbrellas, or fishing rods
⚡ Removable plastic wagon bed
⚡ Detachable handlebar for easy storage and transportation
⚡ 1-Year Warranty

Beach carts that run on batteries are the Teslas of the beach. Get ready to exhale in a peaceful place with e-Beach Wagon at your side. Our cart is easy to use, family-friendly, convertible for multi-use and will last for generations when maintained properly. Navigate about Sea Girt, NJ, with an electric motorized beach cart and enjoy everything the town offers without breaking your back.